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GPD Crime Watch Meeting
Tuesday, July 18 at 6:00 p.m
Blues Creek Club House

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GPD Magazine Scam
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  Notice to all Dog Walkers

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Welcome to the website for the Millhopper Station South Community Association, Inc. This site is designed primarily for the benefit of homeowners living in our neighborhood, but we hope it will also be a useful resource for those thinking to purchase in our community.

Our association was initially formed in 1992 by the developer who built the homes here, but we are now 100% controlled and operated cooperatively by all homeowners in our community. Simply put, our purpose is to keep up the quality of the neighborhood. This gives all of us a better quality of life and it also protects our re-sale values for those who may at some point sell their homes.

We hope that we can accomplish our purpose by sharing guidance and resources with each other. For instance, how to care for our own property, how to deal with problems in our immediate area, and who are reputable providers of goods and services needed by homeowners. Some people have the impression of overbearing homeowners associations that control the tiny details of each homeowner's property. Instead, we look at the bigger picture of what is best for our whole neighborhood and for the wider community in which we all live.

You are encouraged to provide feedback on what you'd like to see on this website and how the homeowners association can help you help make Millhopper South better for everyone.